What is the schedule May 10 - 17?

This is an online event that will be held May 10-17. Presenters, facilitators, and guests can visit the Showcase at any time of day to participate in discussions and voting.

Day 1 of Event: May 10

  • Members of the public and all event participants begin watching videos, commenting on presentations, and placing Public Choice votes via Facebook, Twitter, and email for videos they find most compelling.
  • Facilitators representing all of our Showcase partners review presentations and submit queries and comments to presenters. 
  • Presenters reply to comments made to their presentations. They post additional comments on other presentations in the showcase and begin placing their votes for “Presenters’ Choice.”

Day 2 – Day 7: May 11–16

  • Event participants continue to comment and place “Public Choice” votes.
  • Presenters continue replying to comments made by event participants and facilitators.
  • Presenters place votes for “Presenters’ Choice” (if not complete).
  • Facilitators select videos that exemplify extraordinary creativity in the use of video to share innovative work to determine “Facilitators’ Choice.”
  • Facilitators must submit all voting rubrics by 12 PM EDT on Monday, May 16.

Day 8: May 17

  • Last day for event participants to comment and place "Public Choice" votes.
  • Last day for presenters to submit their selections for Presenters’ Choice.
  • All voting and commenting closes at 8 PM EDT on Tuesday, May 17.

May 18, 2022

  • Public Choice, Presenters’ Choice, and Facilitators’ Choice announced and posted on event website, as well as on those of the represented resource centers.
  • Discussion posts are read-only.
  • Event with videos and discussions are available for viewing.